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It’s harder than I expect to sing every night for five nights! Not as long on stage as the worship bands who play more than once a day at these events, but we jump around more! it was great fun wasn’t it? One night 2,000 people (exactly) clocked into the gig, including the band. So that was good!

How much I enjoyed having Daniel (percussion) on stage at last. All four of my kids plus a daughter in law. What a joy! I have also to thank all our lovely audience, you guys are great, and I want to tell you something: we often say, “The audience always get what they deserve”. By that we mean, if the crowd is disinterested, the band loses impetus, but when you all get excited, we all get more excited. This was a great gig, because you were a great audience. Thank you!

Next year there are things going on that clash with Momentum. So who knows, that may have been our last gig? Maybe there’ll be a new band next year? We’ll see!

Momentum 2011

Every year, Our Dad goes to Shepton Mallet for the Soul Survivor festival. It’s an amazing Christian Youth scene, with thousands of kids who come to praise and study during the day, and then there’s time for relaxation and partying at night – which is where we come in. For those that like live music, we’re there every night doing what we normally do at parties and weddings, which is to help a willing crowd to dance and have fun for a couple of hours.
This year we’ll be there from August 19th to the 24th, and for the first time, we will unleash our secret weapon, the missing sibling from the Weeks family. There will be a new level of energy. We promise! We can honestly guarantee it. See you there.

Dance Band for Hire

Our Dad: means real-jazz, jazz-funk, classic-dance and live-fun music for corporate functions, weddings, dance parties. Prices can be set to allow for a small or large band, plus travel costs. Softer (even acoustic) “dinner jazz” is also possible. for quieter events, or background music as guests are welcomed to champagne and canapes. (Champagne and canapes not included!)